Born and raised in Louisiana, I’m a Southerner through and through.  There is so much to love about the “Art of Southernness.”  Food, faith, family, and friends are the foundations of our rich, colorful, Southern heritage.

I’m enamored with cookbooks of by-gone days…old-fashioned recipes from ladies who’d be rock stars of entertaining today if there had been Instagram in 1950. Icons ahead of their time.

I have the attention span of a gnat and love have multiple projects juggling at once. “More is more” is definitely my motto or as the kids say now… so extra. It’s hard to keep myself on track and focused before the next idea flows in. I needed a place to harness all my galloping ideas, projects and ramblings into semi-organized chaos for the ones who are following behind… Hopeful that some young woman, somewhere in the future, gets as much enjoyment out of my words as I have from those who have preceded me.

Thanks for coming along for the ride,